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Clean, Affordable Water and Healthy Great Lakes

We are committed to protecting and preserving our Great Lakes and ensuring clean, safe, affordable drinking water for every Michigander.

Surrounded by 80 percent of our nation’s fresh surface water, Michigan’s nickname as the “Great Lakes State” is well deserved. The Great Lakes have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our way of life here in Michigan. Our economy, outdoor recreation, and drinking water all depend on the health of the Great Lakes, but right now, there are a number of issues looming over our Great Lakes threatening our way of life and most precious resource.

Despite being a basic human right, access to clean, affordable drinking water and the health of our Great Lakes face numerous threats. Some of these include:

  • PFAS contamination from corporate polluters
  • The risk of a catastrophic oil spill from Enbridge’s aging Line 5 oil pipeline
  • Toxic algae blooms caused by fertilizer runoff posing serious public health threats
  • Contaminated drinking water due to pollution and aging infrastructure in communities like Detroit and Flint
  • Threats of water shut offs in communities due to unpaid utility bills

Protecting our water and the Great Lakes is part of our work to protect the health of Michigan and it’s communities and preserve a central part of Michigan’s identity for future generations.

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