Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund


Michigan LCV Education Fund works to protect the air, land, and water in communities all across Michigan by engaging, convening, and educating decision-makers and voters to fight for an environment that sustains the health and well-being of us all.

Working together, we can:

Inform the public about the issues facing our land, air and water.

Educate our leaders to restore our state’s commitment to protecting our people.

Advance policies that protect our health, democracy and way of life.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to ensuring every Michigander has access to clean air and water and can enjoy the pure beauty of our state. We know that decisions made by elected officials every day impact your health, your community and the places you love the most. We believe that who we elect matters and we are committed to fighting for a cleaner, healthier state and a democratic process that works for everyone.

Our Values

People-Centered Power Building authentic power led by those who have been impacted by and who are committed to protecting Michigan’s air, land and water and the places we work, live, and play from pollution, degradation, and disinvestment while actively combating the greatest challenge of our lifetime: climate change.

Innovation Striving to achieve our goals in a way that is forward-thinking, breaks new ground, and establishes visionary models and creative practices for effective, empathetic advocacy and place-based community organizing, all of which is necessary to protect everyone’s right to clean air and water, safe communities, and a healthy democracy.

Inclusivity Building bridges across diverse communities and constituencies in a way that recognizes the power, breadth, and depth of political, economic, and racial differences that exist in our state, and transcends those divides by listening, creating a sense of belonging, and developing breakthrough connections, partnerships and opportunities for collective action.

Justice Fighting for fair and equitable policies that create, restore or protect access to clean air, land, and water and thriving natural areas, as well as safe, healthy communities for all Michiganders, especially those disproportionately impacted by pollution and climate change. Fighting for a healthy democracy to ensure that every vote counts, all elected officials are held accountable for their record, and all voices are heard by the people elected to represent them, especially for those who have been historically disenfranchised.

Our Team

The Michigan LCV Ed Fund team works across the state to ensure clean air, safe water and a healthy democracy in Michigan. We are organizers. We are policy experts. We are communicators. And we are dedicated to ensuring all Michiganders have a voice in the democratic process.