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Democracy Drumbeat: December 6, 2022

Celebrating Our 2022 Democracy All-Stars!

Voting in elections is how we make our voices heard, elect our leaders, and affect change in our communities. But our democracy only works if everyone can participate in elections that work for everyone.

Michigan LCV is proud to recognize all that our 2022 Democracy All-Stars accomplished this year! These champions have worked on the frontlines to protect our freedom to vote, engage voters and ensure our democracy works for everyone.

We’ll be taking a break for the holidays after today’s edition and look forward to connecting with you again in the New Year!

“My proudest moment while working for Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund is being able to register and inform first time voters.” - Abby Simpson

“Last year 39 anti-voter bills were introduced in the Michigan State Senate…the pro-democracy coalition came together to fight these bills. We testified before committees of the legislature..many of these policies are now contained in the Promote the Vote 2022 ballot initiative.” - Aghogho Edevbie

“One of my proudest moments would have to be being able to provide information to someone who was indifferent about voting. At that point, regardless of if they decide to vote or not, they can at least go forward making a fully educated decision.” - Armani Williamson

“My proudest moment was when I spoke at the redistricting hearing on behalf of my community.” - Ashlee Moseley

“Two individuals, both of whom I registered to vote; one who had just been released from prison; the other who – with tears in her eyes – told me she couldn’t vote because she had a felony, and I told her that she could and she registered.” - Charles Thomas 

“My proudest moment is registering young men to vote. This allows the young men to not only vote on the issues that matter to them, but it also gives them the opportunity to serve as a juror.” - Deolis Allen

“We need to vote and elect people who would support our rights. For two decades now I've worked on dozens of electoral campaigns.” - Dessa Cosma

“While working in the democracy space, my proudest moment was creating a platform for individuals to ask questions related to voting rights, redistricting, and reproductive freedom.” - Dipita Das

“I have really loved seeing the impact that our call team is making, especially in the 313 and 616 areas.” - Emma Woelkers

“My mother found an Alabama poll tax receipt that my grandmother paid to vote in 1954. It was shocking to see this Jim Crow legacy affecting my own family. But it gave great meaning to this work in my life. I have no choice but to continue the fight.” - George Davis

“As a member of the National Political Congress of Black Women Detroit led by Annette Rainwater, my mentor, I am most proud of the opportunities to learn directly from and support NPCBW’s founder, the Honorable Shirley Chisholm.” - Gwendolyn Winston

“I liked that I was able to call people and educate them about voting. I was also able to help people get registered to vote.” - Maya Farr

“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to walk alongside and support passionate and committed student leaders at GVSU over the last several years.” - Melissa Baker-Boosamra

“One of the proudest moments while working in the democracy space was running the largest direct voter contact program in the state of Michigan!” - Nina Wimberley

“There are many important issues today among the immigrant community. I am very proud of playing an important part in organizing in Lansing.” - Oscar Castañeda

“The majority of my proudest moments consist of speaking with what I call “Gems & Jewels.” These are those people who have a long history in taking the initiative of doing their part to create history by simply voting and informing others about these opportunities.” - Rodney Austin

“One of my proudest moments while working in the democracy space was helping a group of about 30 guys vote in the presidential election! Some of the guys were first time voters in their 50's. It was amazing.” - Rotanja Hall 

“My proudest moment while working in the democracy space is getting to be a part of an education cycle. Attending webinars and getting educated about voting rights and being able to educate individuals about the process of voting and their rights as voters.” - Rose Abou Assaly

“One of my proudest moments in the democracy space was driving my mother and her friend to the polling location to cast their first ballots!” - Shams Al-Badry

“My proudest moment while working in the democracy space was working at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit as a poll worker for the biggest election in history.” - Talice Saxton

“Being that this is my first year with Michigan LCV, I have enjoyed being able to talk to people through voter phone banking.” - Thomas Jenkins

We are thankful for their partnership and support during the 2022 election year. Michigan LCV is looking forward to 2023 to continue building community and making sure that our democracy works for all.

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