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Line 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Will this decision impact propane in the U.P.?

U.P. residents will not lose access to propane. Line 5 only provides propane to roughly 12,000 homes and businesses in the UP and other propane sources and providers already exist. The UP Energy Task Force found several options other than Line 5 with comparable costs.

Will shutting down Line 5 impact propane prices?

According to the most comprehensive study done to date, shutting down Line 5 might result in temporary price increases of not more than 5 cents/gallon- well within normal market price fluctuations.

Is there a solution in place to protect U.P. residents who rely on Line 5 propane?

The state is already implementing the administrative recommendations outlined in the U.P. Energy Task Force propane supply report AND the energy market adjusts quickly. There are several solutions that could be quickly developed and deployed, including:

  • Propane trucking from Superior, WI
  • Rail transport from Conway, KS or Edmonton, AB
  • Increased propane storage

Will there be a need to transport propane by truck across the Mackinac Bridge?

The amount of propane needed for Michigan would be roughly 3-4 truckloads per day or 1-2 train cars per day.

What will be the impact on oil refineries in neighboring states, like Ohio?

Most refineries in the region are supplied with petroleum from a number of sources. Line 5 is not the only source. For example, PBF Refinery in Toledo asserts that they have no other source of petroleum and would have to shut down without Line 5 and they’d lose 1,000 jobs. However, in investor filings, PBF indicates that they are mainly supplied by 3 pipelines- Capline and Midvalley pipelines from the south, and Line 5 from the north. They also only employ 550 people so how they would lose 1,000 jobs is unclear.

Will there be an impact to jet fuel for airports in Michigan?

Based on numbers published by PBF, BP Husky and Marathon Refineries, Line 5 appears to supply only about 10% of the jet fuel at Detroit Metro Airport, not 40% as claimed by Ohio Gov. DeWine. Both Marathon and PBF have other crude oil sources, and other pipelines could provide feedstock to satisfy regional jet fuel needs. Alternatively, other nearby refineries in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio could make up this shortfall.

How many Michiganders depend on Line 5 for their jobs?

Enbridge only employs 116 employees and provisioned contractors in Michigan.

More jobs will be created by decommissioning and removing Line 5 (2,188 jobs) than by building a tunnel (1,763 jobs).

More than 1.3 million jobs regionally depend on the Great Lakes, creating $82 billion in annual wages.