Our Team

We are dedicated to ensuring every Michigander has access to clean air and water and can enjoy the pure beauty of our state. We know that decisions made by elected officials every day impact your health, your community and the places you love the most. We believe that who we elect matters and we are committed to fighting for a cleaner, healthier state for the long haul. We work hard, we love what we do, and we want to connect with you. Get to know us and drop us a line.

Why does Michigan LCV Education Fund exist?

Because your family needs clean air, land, and water to thrive.

Michigan LCV Education Fund seeks to educate, mobilize and engage Michigan citizens in the democratic process, and to educate and engage with decision-makers, in order to ensure that protecting Michigan’s natural resources and our Great Lakes is a top priority in Lansing.

Working together, we can:  

Inform the public about the issues facing our land, air and water,

Educate our leaders to restore our state’s commitment to preserving our natural resources,

Advance policies that protect our health, safety and way of life.