Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

The Great Lakes State and our democracy are worth protecting.


Clean air, safe drinking water and our democracy are basic rights, not partisan issues.

Michigan LCV Education Fund works to protect the air, land, and water in communities all across Michigan by engaging, convening, and educating decision-makers and voters to fight for an environment that sustains the health and well-being of us all.

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Voter Protection

Voter Protection

In coordination with our partners, our Democracy For All team works to ensure that voters who encounter a challenge in casting their ballot find a timely remedy.
Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout

Our Democracy For All team works to get out the vote across our communities, ensuring that Michiganders’ voices are heard in the municipal primaries and presidential elections.
Voter Education

Voter Education

Building upon our 2020 voter education program that focused on Michiganders’ right to vote from home and vote before Election Day, our Democracy For All team will work with partners to further raise awareness of these options in 2021 local elections.
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Our Priorities

Clean, Affordable Water and Healthy Great Lakes

We are committed to protecting and preserving our Great Lakes and ensuring clean, safe, affordable drinking water for every Michigander.

Democracy For All

Voting is how we make our voices heard. At Michigan LCV Education Fund, we fight to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to use that voice. Find voting resources, view our systems change work, and find out how to get involved.

Clean Air and Climate Change

As we work to address the climate crisis, the greatest threat of our lifetime, we are committed to protecting our air from pollution and preserving our climate for future generations.
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